Fineart Atelier Tobago

Peter Sell During his frequent stays in Trinidad and Tobago Peter Sell has created numerous paintings. Fascinated by the nature surrounding him, for years he has made it the centre of his art. This presentation shows a selection of the artist's work focussing on the tropical flora of these beautiful islands. The eye of the observer is drawn by the clear, bright colours which are the distinctive mark of the paintings. Peter Sell absorbs the colours and forms of the plants, discerns their structure and in his art reduces all of these to the essentials.
With each work he takes the process of reduction and abstraction to its limits. By so doing, he continually discovers fresh possibilities of using the natural forms and colours to create new images. At the same time, he draws on his many years of experience as an artist and an art teacher. His artistic perception constantly opens up the exploration of further themes. Over years, in this way,he has developed his personal style which impresses with a radiance of colours. Through the interaction of the chosen colours and forms a positive atmosphere is created, which enables the observers to find their way into the paintings. A closer view is often necessary for the beholder to realize that the artist makes no attempt to present a realistic reproduction of the tropical flora. The impact of Peter Sell's large format paintings urges the viewer to observe the surrounding nature in a fresh and differentiated way. Thus a constantly changing interaction between nature, artist, painting and observer is created.