Fineart Atelier Tobago

Christel Gorschlüter "People and more - in movement and at rest" is, in the most varied forms of expression, the main theme of the artist, Christel Gorschlüter.
Her human figures act in certain situations and in communicative relationships. The figurative portrayals are somewhat simplified and reflect subtle individuality. The figures are depicted in a more realistic way but, nevertheless, they disappear in an artisticallycharacteristic style.
Christel Gorschlüter concentrates basically on the quintessential, the figures remain anonymous.Often they blur, almost without contours, into a void, into a dissolution. Accentuated brushwork or pastel (crayon)drawing prevent this dissolution become absolute. One is left to imagine the unpainted.
Blurring and transparency indicate the speed of the movement, as in a moment caught on camera.
The two-part format (Diptychon) heightens the tension in the setting-up of the painting and deepens the emphasis on the sequence of movement.
In her work and in her particular style of painting Christel Gorschlüter refers to the enigmatic and the sublimal. The observer, however, finds sufficient space for individual meaning or interpretation.